Second public debate on the Law on the Central Population Register

Skopje, August 29, 2022

The second debate was held today, in the premises of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MIOA), where Minister Admirim Aliti had his addressing, which aims at a preliminary consultation with stakeholders regarding the law on the Central Population Register, where topics of discussion were the possible amendments from a legal point of view, that will bring improvement and best operation of this system.

Through this system, citizens are informed about the data they have in the institutions, who accessed them, when and based on which legal regulations were they accessed.

It is worth emphasizing that the development of a Central Population Register system remains one of the key activities of MIOA, which is included in the Public Administration Reform Strategy 2018-2022, in an effort to increase the efficiency of public administration.

Pointing out that such debates are in the interest of taking progressive steps, Minister Aliti expressed his gratitude to all the participants who contributed with their ideas and views in this direction therein.