Aliti-Rendevska: Today's agreement is a concrete step towards digitization processes

Skopje, June 23rd, 2022

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration (MISA), Admirim Aliti, signed an agreement with the director of the Inspection Council, Daniela Rendevska, for the provision of a software program for the automation of the inspection procedure and inspection work, which includes:

- technical documentation for a developed software solution,

- technical preparation for a developed software solution for data exchange and connection with other institutions through the interoperability platform,

- source code for a software solution,

- training materials for users of the software solution,

- training materials for administrators of the software solution.

This facilitates the procedures and the operation of the Inspection Council thus providing implementation of one of our priorities as the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, which is connected with the digitization processes of state institutions.