Minister Aliti was a speaker at the Paris Cyber Summit, and had a meeting with Ambassador Jadranka Chaushevska Dimov

Paris, May 12th, 2022

EU digital experts, political leaders and top public decision makers attended the Paris Cyber ​​Summit, where the Minister of Information Society and Administration Admir Aliti had his addressing.

In his speech, Minister Aliti, among other things, pointed out the need for deeper cooperation between the countries in the field of cyber security. At this prestigious event in Paris, senior officials had the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge in view of the digital society development, and discussed ways to build trust in cyberspace.

Today in Paris, Minister Aliti also had a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia, Jadranka Chaushevska Dimov.

This cordial and constructive meeting emphasized the importance of the embassy's work in the overall successful contribution and good presentation of our country in France and in general in the EU countries.