Workshop for preparation of a new 2023-2030 PAR Strategy

Skopje, May 13th, 2022

in cooperation with SIGMA, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration organized a workshop for preparation of a Public Administration Reform Strategy (2023-2030).

Minister Admir Aliti wished the participants successful and productive work, emphasizing that the public administration reform is one of the key priorities in the accession partnership and an important precondition in the process of European integration of the Republic of North Macedonia.

"The modernization and improvement of the state and public administration are constantly in the foucs and are seen as the basis of the entire public sector on which the processes and development in any democratic society depend on. The documents assessing the progress and monitoring of the public administration reform process in our country are of great importance, and they are provided in the European Commission Report for the Republic of North Macedonia for 2021, the Monitoring Report conducted by SIGMA for RNM for 2021, "as well as the Conclusions of the Special PAR Group for 2021," said Minister Aliti.

In the process of shaping the new PAR Strategy (2023-2020), as he said, recommendations for areas requiring further reform must be taken into account in order to harmonize with EU standards.

Minister Aliti emphasized the strong commitment and dedicvation to the PAR process and thus the implementation of the measures and activities envisaged in the four priority areas of the PAR Strategy. At the same time, he emphasized that the process has never stopped in the direction of a modern and efficient public administration based on digitalization, which provides quality and fast services to citizens and businesses.

"Although MISA is an institution in charge of leading the PAR process, it is necessary to involve all institutions and other stakeholders for successful implementation and of course for the preparation of the new PAR Strategy. In this context, MISA will continue to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation, as well as cooperation with all stakeholders, especially with the civil society and international organizations in the PAR process, in order to provide quality and fast services to citizens because the public administration reform, as a long-term process, depends on all of us," concluded Minister Aliti.

The working group includes representatives of ministries and state institutions, as well as representatives of the civil society and international organizations situated in Skopje, under the coordination of MISA.