Minister Aliti took part in the "International Regulatory Conference 2022" in Ohrid

Ohrid, May 17th, 2022

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Admir Aliti, took part in the "International Regulatory Conference 2022" in Ohrid, organized by the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC).

In his introductory address, Minister Aliti pointed out the importance of cooperation between government institutions, the academic community and the private sector and spoke about the need for cooperation between countries, for successful implementation of the processes thereof.

The two-day conference is held under the slogan: "Challenges to the Gigabit Society", and provides a broad platform for constructive discussions between participants and all stakeholders.

Participants have the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss modern technologies and new trends. Topics of discussion covered current market conditions, regulators, analysis and challenges in view of roaming services, 5G technology, cyber security and security strategies, broadband internet.