Activities of the Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Working Group

Skopje, May 20th, 2022

Today, Minister Aliti hailed the excellent and hard work that has been achieved so far with the Critical Infrastructure Cyber ​​Security Working Group, expressing his gratitude to the USAID CIDR-DAI team for their expert and technical support.

As a result of the success of CICWG # 6, MISA hosted a workshop to discuss the definition of governance parameters in relation to the expansion of the critical infrastructure sectors in North Macedonia.

CICWG # 6 provided clear recommendations to MISA through a stakeholder-led interactive process regarding cyber security management in North Macedonia. CICWG # 7 aimed to continue this by providing an agreement on the definition of what constitutes a critical infrastructure sector as well as providing those responsible for it therein.

One of the highest priorities of the Minister and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration is to strengthen the cyber capacity in our country.

CICWG is a forum created to facilitate activities related to the resilience of critical national cybersecurity infrastructure in North Macedonia. With key members including representatives from MISA, MoI, MoD and MKD-CIRT, CICWG acts as a mechanism for coordination of key stakeholders, a forum for cooperation and a goal to define critical infrastructure, risk assessment, planning ways to mitigate / eliminate risks and the development and implementation of information sharing mechanisms.