We encourage and accelerate the digital transformation

Skopje, December 16th, 2021

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri, had a working meeting with the Manager of "Mastercard" for North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo, Ms. Vanja Manova and the Executive Director of Eurotrust, Mr. Georgi Dimitrov.

This meeting comes after the signing of the memorandum by the Government for establishing a digital identification service during 2020 and after the introduction of this service by NLB Bank - Skopje, for the first time in North Macedonia.

This memorandum provides electronic signatures for the state administration, for the institutions that use the Document Management System, which will contribute to greater application of the DMS system and consequently, accelerate the digital transformation.

At the meeting, as Minister Shaqiri said, they came into an agreement to integrate the digital identification service in the Document Management System in the near future.

"With this service, the electronic signature will have the same legal effect as the classic signature and we will be reaching our goal to reduce to 0 the use of paper in state administration, which is another step towards digitalization of the administration and services in the Republic of North Macedonia," emphasized Minister Shaqiri.