Statement of State Secretary Mancheva on the occasion of the Western Balkans Digital Summit

Skopje, October 05th, 2021

In the light of the Western Balkans Digital Summit, which is to be held for the fourth time this year in Podgorica from 11th to 13th October, State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration Elena Mancheva gave a press release for the media in Montenegro.

Speaking about the meaning of the Summit, Secretary Mancheva identified it with the meaning of the word "summit" in English: the highest, most successful or most important point of something, a meeting place, for dialogue, consultation, discussion and negotiation. "That is where the importance of participating in the Digital Summit lies, in the opportunity it gives us to collaborate, discuss, exchange meaningful experiences and learn from each other, in order to be better in the future," - said State Secretary Mancheva.

When it comes to the contribution that the Republic of North Macedonia had from the participation in the previous digital summits, Elena Mancheva said: "The summit gave great power to our region. It has given us the power to accelerate digital transformation, to compete with each other, but also to give a hand when and where it is needed. It gave us new energy, urge to reach new heights and offered us the opportunity to support each other and to realize that together we are really stronger. The Digital Summit was a place where many conclusions and documents were adopted. Of course, the most important was the Regional Roaming Agreement, signed by the Western Balkan Countries in 2019. "This agreement allows citizens of our countries to talk or browse the Internet from their mobile phones free of charge when traveling to one of the six countries in the Western Balkans."