Shaqiri: The National ICT Strategy 2021- 2025 will put the Republic of North Macedonia at the top in the field of digitalization in the region. The digital future of the country is indisputable

Skopje, July 23rd 2021

Today, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration has organized an open public debate regarding the draft National ICT Strategy 2021-2025 and the accompanying Action Plan. This open debate was attended by all stakeholders.

The debate was extremely constructive and fruitful. The participants expressed their comments and proposals on the draft National ICT Strategy 2021-2025 and the accompanying Action Plan and it will be reviewed and taken into account, in order to achieve the required and necessary result.

"The Government of RNM, through MISA, is firmly committed to use the advantages of the ICT industry and create an advanced information society, and thus increase productivity, efficiency and innovation in the public and private sector," Shaqiri said during his speech.

The National ICT Strategy 2021 - 2025 consists of 6 pillars:

1. Connectivity and government infrastructure

2. Centralization and rationalization of ICT and e-government services

3. Improving the digital skills of citizens, workforce and experts

4. Research, development and innovation

5. Data protection

6. Digital services (inspired by environmental protection)


Among other things, Minister Shaqiri outlined the priorities in view of strengthening the Government's digital infrastructure:

• Establishment of the Digital Agency

• Establishment of a Joint Government Data Center

• Construction of the National Transport Optical Network


"The implementation of these projects will play a significant role in the digital gap reduction that exists between our country and EU member states as well as the acceleration of the digital transformation," concluded Minister Jeton Shaqiri.