Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration Participates in the Second Sectoral Monitoring Committee on Democracy and Governance

Skopje, December 17th, 2020

Today, Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Aleksandar Bajdevski, participated in the Second Sectoral Monitoring Committee on Democracy and Governance, which included discussions on effectiveness, efficiency, quality, coordination and alignment of activities in the field of Public Administration Reform, with with the ultimate goal being to reach a comprehensive advancement of the process.

The deputy minister stressed that serious progress has been noted in PAR, which is one of the key priorities in the accession partnership and an important precondition in North Macedonia's EU integration process. Hence, reform processes in this sector are MISA's key priority.

"Led by clearly defined goals, as well as findings and recommendations noted by the European Commission given in the direction of thorough and comprehensive reform and systemic resolution of identified issues, MISA is preparing amendments to the legislative framework by intervening in the Law on Administrative Servants and the Law on Public Sector Employees. These interventions bring about the need to align the Law on Senior Civil Service with both these laws, and with the necessary amendment to the Law on the Organization and Work of State Administrative Bodies, are a package with which MISA will establish systemic solutions that would differentiate between the pollical and the professional, establish lines of inter-institutional accountability and will significantly improve the process of recruitment, promotion and mobility in the public sector. Most significantly, inter alia, with these laws we are finally making an effort to establish long-term solutions that would retain the IPA structure and other staff that notes deficit at central and local level. These amendments are key to promote the work and organizational capacities of institutions and good governance, which, in turn, are preconditions for strengthening citizens’ trust in the state and institutions“ said Deputy Minister Bajdevski.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration