Statement by Minister Jeton Shaqiri Regarding USAID Project for Modernization of Inspection Services

Skopje, December 4th, 2020

As result of the four-year cooperation between MISA as main partner of USAID project for modernization of inspection services, implemented by IDEAS DePO, today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri issued a statement regarding conclusion of the project, in regard to benefits of the Law on Inspection Services and software solution that is undergoing development and will be a modern centralized system for planning, realization and monitoring of inspection oversight from different inspection services.
This inspection phase includes three inspection services and the Inspection council, but all inspectorates are expected to use this system in the future.
the e-Inspectorates System is included in the national interaction platform administrated by MISA.
Minister Shaqiri highlighted that this decision will be a major step ahead in the process of digitalization of public services the country provides to citizens and businesses and that it will increase transparency and efficacy of inspection services.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration