Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri Participates in Online Event "Digital Agenda Dialogues"

Skopje, October 30th, 2020

Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri participated in the online event "Digital Agenda Dialogues" organized by the Foundation for Internet and Society Metamorphosis. The event included discussions on benefits and challenges stemming from implementation of the Digital Agenda in our country.

In his address, Minister Shaqiri focused on activities MISA has implemented in that direction thus far, as well as on future plans. In that, he stressed goals that are to be attained in coordination with the remaining institutions and the Government:

-To establish a central institution to coordinate and implement the digitalization process in the society, and to provide full IT support to state institutions,

-To secure adequate systemic solution for the overall electronic communication within and between institutions,

-By late 2021 to ensure that at least 30% of state administrative bodies have secured electronic system for automatization of administrative procedure, as well as to ensure that the system is introduced in all state administrative bodies by the end of 2021.

- To ensure full implementation of the contract signed with the global company Mastercard for development and implementation of innovative digital  identity verification certificates

-To continue launching "Single Service Point" centers in each city in the country.

-To prepare feasiblity study for construction of national optic fiber network by late 2020

-To ensure 5G coverage of at least one city by late 2023, and to ensure 70% coverage of main corridors and travel network in the state by mandate end

Among the goals, Minister Shaqiri also mentioned: to continue implementation of existing Cyber Security strategies and of public administration reform, wherein the 4th component in related do digitalization; the Open Data Strategy that will set clear and higher goals for transparency of all institutions and their highest representatives, as well as to finalize the National ICT Strategy and implemented it immediately afterwards, in coordination with relevant institutions.

As conclusion, the Minister noted promotion of digital skills among the entire population, with assistance provided by non-governmental organizations.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration