Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri Participates in the Third Western Balkans Digital Summit
Skopje, October 27th, 2020

As part of the third Western Balkans Digital Summit, held online in Tirana this year, the Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri participated in the session titled: "The Role of Governments in Digital Transformation“.This Digital Summit, held as part of the Berlin Process, notes participation of high government representatives from the region, the European Commission, the Council of Regional Cooperation, representatives of business communities and other relevant stakeholders. In that, Minister Shaqiri had an opportunity to exchange standpoints, experiences, success stories, as well as challenges stemming from accelerated digitalization.

"The main accelerator orf digitalization is electronic identification. During the pandemic, the interest of citizens to utilize electronic services has visibly increased. To fully receive most electronic services, citizens need electronic identification that will be easy to use and available to all. In that regard, we cooperate with the global company Mastercard to develop and implement innovative digital services for confirmation of citizen identities, in a safe manner and in compliance to European regulations“, noted the minister in his speech.
According to Minister Shaqiri, the open approach to cyber security and involvement of all stakeholders from the private sector, industry, academic community, NGO sector, will provide incentives for strategic utilization of resources and specific knowledge and tools that each of these sectors can offer.
During the Digital Summit, two memorandums of cooperation will be signed with Western Balkan partners, which will further expand cooperation in the fields of 5G, trust services, interoperability and other areas that would foster regional recognition.
Among the panelists of the session were also: Dushan Polovikj, Director General of the Directorate for Electronic Administration and Information Security of Montenegro, Mirlinda Karcanaj, Director General of the National Agency for Information Society of the Republic of Albania, Mihailo Jovanovikj, Director of the Information Technology and Electronic Administration Office of Serbia, and Ivana Sharikj, Head in the General Secretariat under the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Ministry of Information Society and Administration