Minister Shaqiri Participates in Webinar Dedicated to Cyber Security Challenges

Skopje, October 22nd, 2020

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Jeton Shaqiri, participated in webinar organized by NEXUS - Civil Concept and the NATO Public Diplomacy Division in Brussels. The webinar is part of the project titled: "Cyber Hygiene: Understanding Cyber Security Challenges as an Important Part of NATO's Core Task of Collective Defense“.

In his speech, Minister Shaqiri focused on activities taken to ensure protection in cyber space:

„Early this year, the Republic of North Macedonia attained one of its strategic goals and became the 30th NATO member. Still, the NATO membership may contribute to us becoming a more attractive target to cyber and hybrid attacks. In that regard, we take action to protect our cyber defense abilities by improving legislative and institutional frameworks, as well as to increase resources for handling internet threats. Our aim is to become more resilient to incidents and to more effectively and effiiciently handle cyber threats that become increasingly complex with each day“, noted Minister Shaqiri.

According to the Minister, cyber security should be considered necessary social responsibility.

"The pandemics made us accelarate digitalization of information systems of state and public institutions with a view to offer as much electronic services to citizens and businesses as possible. In that, state institutions have a large volume of electronic data for citizens. Protection of these data imposes the need for administrative servants to be aware and to practice a high level of cyber hygiene in their day-to-day operations. To attain this goal, cooperation is planned between MISA and the National Computer Incident Response Team (MKD-CIRT) within AEC in the following months, with a view to conduct interactive online trainings on cyber security intended for administrative servants and managerial staff“, stated Minister Shaqiri.