North Macedonia and Greece To Reduce Roaming Prices, Manchevski and Pappas Signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Skopje, February 19th, 2019

On today's press conference, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, and the Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media of the Hellenic Republic, Nikos Pappas, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to reduce roaming prices.

As Minister Manchevski noted, the Prespa Agreement does not only imply resolution of a political issue. Signing of the Agreement opened many perspectives for citizens and businesses from both countries. This is the first bilateral initiative, and there are more to follow.

"This morning, we held a working meeting with Minister Pappas, AEC's Director, Sasho Dimitrijoski and the Deputy Director of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission, Spiros Pantelis. We came to a conclusion therein that all barriers are eliminated and both parties demonstrate political will to deepen cooperation. We have agreed that the maximum prices of roaming services should be reduced to the level of prices applicable in the European Union. The Memorandum anticipates a dynamic reduction of wholesale and retail prices of roaming services. Our goal is for citizens to witness the first reduction in prices by the onset of the summer season. The next step would be complete abolishment of roaming", informed Minister Manchevski.

"I am exceedingly glad to be here for a second day and that we had the opportunity to discuss the future. I would like to note that we were welcomed with excellent hospitality, which proves that we are strategic partners. It is under the responsibility of both governments to make the Prespa Agreement an agreement for the people, an agreement that produces results toward improvement of citizens' lives in both countries. An agreement that improves opportunities for communication, transport, economic opportunities. Our dear friend Damjan shared specific matters related to the Memorandum we are signing today and, on behalf of the Republic of Greece, I would like to state that we are prepared to take all legal measures and all tools necessary for citizens of both countries to be able to witness a decrease in their telecommunication bills very soon, before the tourist season. I would also like to stress the preparedness of regulatory authorities from both parties to use and put into force laws as they are currently prepared, or to adapt in order to meet the requirements of this Agreement. This visit was most useful and we had the opportunity to discuss other topics as well", noted Minister Pappas. 

The Republic of North Macedonia has already experienced the benefits arising from reduction of roaming prices. Signing the agreement with Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina proved that such measures contribute to increase in roaming traffic volumes, particularly concerning access to cellular data while roaming. The same effects are expected to be attained for users during their stays in Greece.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration