1. Strategic plan of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration
  2. Budget of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration
  3. Adopted reports on the implementation of the Budget
  4. Audit reports
  5. Public Procurement Plan
  6. Rulebook on internal organization
  7. Organogram on internal organization
  8. Rulebook on systematization of jobs
  9. List of employees in the institution according to a job position, official e-mail and a work phone number
  10. Consolidated texts of laws and by-laws
  11. Forms used by citizens when submitting applications to ministries for the exercise of their rights, and in particular forms regarding requests submitted by citizens for issuing real acts, for those ministries that issue them
  12. Tariffs for fees for issuing real acts
  13. List of public information
  14. Contact from the person in charge of public information
  15. Communication strategy
  16. Rulebook on protected internal reporting
  17. Contact from the person authorized for protected internal reporting
  18. Full name of the officer in charge of personal data protection, job position in the institution, official e-mail and work telephone number
  19. Contact phone and e-mail from the Ministry regarding General Affairs
  20. List of active registries
  21. Biographies for the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the State Secretary
  22. Announcements on monthly events or online calendar