• State Advisor on Legal Affairs
  • State Advisor on Normative and Legal Affairs in the Field of Information Society
  • State Advisor on Administration
  • State Advisor on Inclusive and Transparent Policy Creation in Administration
  • State Advisor on ICT
  • State Advisor on Electronic Communications and Audiovisual Policies
  • State Advisor on Financial Affairs
  • State Advisor on Human Resource Management in Administration



  1. Department of Administration
    • PAR Policy Creation and Analysis Unit
    • PARS Coordination Unit
    • LGAP Application Support Unit
  2. Department of Support to Public Institutions
    • Unit of Approvals on Acts of Internal Organization and Systematization of Job Positions and Annual Employment Plans of State Administrative and Local Government Bodies
    • Unit of Approvals on Acts of Internal Organization and Systematization of Job Positions and Annual Employment Plans of Various Industry Institutions and Public Enterprises
  3. Department of Human Resource Development and Promotion in the Public Sector
    • Human Resource Management Coordination Unit
    • HRMIS Unit
  4. Academy for Professional Development of Administrative Servants
    • Training Policy Creation Unit
    • Training Coordination and Implementation Unit
  5. Department of Information and Communication Systems
    • ICT Project Management Unit
    • Unit of Operational and Technical ICT System and Infrastructure Maintenance
    • Unit of ICT System Application Maintenance 
    • Unit of Network and Information System Security
  6. Department of Information Society Support and Development
    • Information Society Analyses and Planning Unit
    • Standardization and Certification Unit
    • Unit for Delivey of Technical Support to MISA and Public Institutions
  7. Communications Department
    • Unit of Electronic Communications with Information Technologies
    • Unit of Audiovisual Policies
  8. Department of Normative and Legal Affairs
    • Normative Affairs Unit
    • Legal Affairs Unit
    • RIA and RIE Coordination Unit
  9. Department of EU Integration and International Cooperation
    • EU Integration and International Cooperation Unit
    • IPA Unit
  10. General Affairs Department
    • Office and Archive Operations Unit
    • Public Relations, Protocol and Translation Unit
    • General Affairs Uni 
  11. Financial Affairs Department
    • Budget Coordination Unit
    • Budget Control Unit
    • Accounting and Payments Unit
  12. Publc Procurement Department
    • Public Procurement Preparation and Support Unit
    • Public Procurement Procedure Implementation Unit


Three additional units not covered under departments also operate within the Ministry of Information Society and Administration:

  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Strategic Planning Unit
  • Human Resource Management Unit for HR in the ministry

Tabular Overview of Employees in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration