The Ministry of Information Society and Administration pefroms tasks related to:

  • development and promotion of information society;
  • creation and keeping of register of information and communication system and information technology equipment within state administration bodies;
  • integrated information and communication network, databases, interconnection and data exchange, safety aspects and development of infrastructure of state administration bodiesи, legal and other entities assigned by law to perform public authorizations;
  • monitoring state-of-affairs in information and telecommunication technologies and introduction of international standards;
  • telecommunications and telecommunication infrastructure;
  • broadcasting service and broadcasting infrastructure;
  • legal regulation of issues related to administration;
  • supervision and provision of single application of regulations concerning state and public officials;
  • development of policy related to rights, duties, responsibilities and assessment of state and public officials;
  • classification and description of job positions, salaries and royalties of state and public officials;
  • keeping a Register of State and Public Officials;
  • Preparation of strategic documents for effective and efficient work, training and professional development of state and public officials, organization and implementation of trainings;
  • development and coordination of policies related to human resource management;
  • public administration reform;
  • attainment of international cooperation on issues under competence of the Ministry, and
  • other works regulated by law.