“Girls in Technology”: scholarships for most successful generation girl students Skopje

Skopje, 11th September 2012

Ten most successful generation girl students from several primary schools in Skopje were granted today scholarships in the form of free trainings in the field of information and communication technologies.


The scholarships were granted by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in cooperation with the MASIT and SEMOS educational center, where the trainings will be conducted. The girl students are supposed to choose a training they would like to attend starting from 15th September in duration of two months.


“The training attendance is an extraordinary possibility for girl students to perceive basics of programming, designing and computer animation, and make their fist steps as junior network administrators”, said the Deputy Minister of information and administration Marta Tomovska Arsovska on the occasion of scholarship granting.


She pointed out that qualification that girl students acquire after completing trainings, combined with skills and further education, would be a certain capital and it would contribute for further development of the Republic of Macedonia as a modern information society.